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 URban Design Projects

Universal Design For pilgrimage centre-Case of Ujjain

The Undergrad Project dealt with temporary spatial planning in the temporary site meant for the people to visit the Kumbh mela and also use the Universal Design Principles, to make it accessible to all.

HEritage Management Plan- Case of Jaipur 

The Studio Project of Post Graduation dealt with looking at the city of Jaipur from various lenses to make a proper Heritage management plan for the city.

Integrated Conservation of Historic Urban Landscapes- Case of Shahjahanabad, Bhopal (M.Arch Thesis)

UNESCO in the year 2005 proposed that a historic core should be looked as a whole with its topography, hydrology, along with its built environment. The city of Bhopal is analysed using the historic urban landscape approach 

Hudco Trophy NASA 2012

Redevelopment project on the existing slums in Nagpur 

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